Modular Sandwich Panels


Riazud din engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (RECO) Modular Sandwhich panel comprises of two metal faces and a fully insulating core. The insulating core is typically bonded to the facings using a conventional adhesive bond. The metal facings are fully bonded to the core so that the panel acts compositely when under load, in most cases, providing free standing panels. Facings used for insulated panels are predominantly of steel.

Riazud din engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (RECO) Modular Sandwhich panels are made on continuous production line with EPS insulated materials which have multiple applications. These modular panels are manufactured in a variety of attractive colors, thickness and sheet materials. PE film is pasted on these panels on these panels to ensure safe keeping of panels to sites.

Riazud din engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (RECO) Modular Sandhwhich panels have tongue & grove joning system and are conveniently assembled ad dissembled at sites without any wastage. The panels are so very light weight that they can be transported to every kind of difficult location.


Riazud din engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (RECO) Wall Sandwhich Panels are made up to 1175mm ub width and Length as required, (panel thickness available in 50/75/150/100/150/200mm).


Riazud din engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (RECO) Roof & ceiling Sandwhich Panels are made upto 975mm in width and Length as required, (Panel thickness available 50/75/100/150/200mm).

EPS Sandwhich Panels are widely used in various everyday situations wh ere its light weight, strength, thermal insulation and shock absorption characteristics provide structural design economics. EPS Sandwhich Panels have exceptional insulation properties with a thermal resistance (R value) of 1.31 per 50mm of thickness for S class material, as defined by AS 1366 part; 1992. This makes it ideal for using as roof and wall panels. EPS Sandwhich Panels is environmentally friendly containing no CFC or HCFCs, it is inert and safe for contact with food products for using as roof and wall panels. The almost exclusive use of EPS as the insulation material for cold stores and freezers is testament to its insulation ability in the most demanding of all insulation applications.In application where fire resistance is necessary or desirable, EPS Sandwhich Panels is supplied containing a flame retardant which in normal yes prevents ignition of the EPS if exposed to a flame. In a fire situation EPS generates less hear and smoke than most timber and wood base products.

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