Racking System


  • Frame
  • Beam
  • Horizontal Strut
  • Diagonal Strut
  • Shim
  • Post Protector
  • End Aisle Protector
  • Shelf Panel
  • Row Spacer
  • Roll-in Pallet Support
  • Double Flanged Pallet Support
  • Drum/Coil Bed
  • Fork Clearance Bar
  • Skid Channel
  • Wall Tie
  • Drum Cradie
  • Corner Protector
  • Post Protector

    A variety of accessories are available for selective Rack systems. From pallet supports to column protectors, interlake Mecalux has accessories to meet any need. For a complete list of accessories, please contact your interlake Mecalux representative.


  • Pallet Racks
  • Shelf Racks (Fixed Pallet, Mesh Pallet)
  • Cantilever Racks
  • Light Duty Racks
  • Heavy Duty Racks

Pallet Racking System

RECO’s Pallet Racking in Pakistan specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of versatile storage equipment from adjustable beam pallet racking in Pakistan and heavy-duty shelving, through to 'live storage and fully integrated 'turnkey' warehouse schemes. We operate production techniques which are the most efficient in the industry.

Beams can be removed and repositioned when changes in the use of the racking is adjustable, once the beams are slotted into position in the frame uprights, an interlocking structure of great strength and rigidity is maintained. We have been providing pallet racking in Pakistan for more than two decades to various industries. Our racking solutions in Pakistan are most preferred among different industries. From selective pallet racking solutions to drive

through racking solutions in Pakistan, we have got you covered Heavy Duty Racks/Shelving unit is particularly constructed and designed for tough loads between 1000kg – 3000 kgs/UDL (Uniformly Distributive Load) where it is the most suitable system for heavy-capacity warehouse users. Heavy duty industrial shelve racks are use in

various place like Offices, Police stations, Warehouses, Grocery shops, Stalls, Metal industry, Chemical industry etc..The box beam as the levels increased the loading capacity of the Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving Racks. The flexibility of box beam bracket enables easier installation process

Features of Heavy-Duty Racks

Customized sizes also available to specific storage needs.DURABLE Antirust frame ensures long use life.STURDY Solid structure with high capacity. Strength and also rigidity prevent

compression damage to goods. Maximize space use in any warehouse configuration while retaining optimum product accessibility. High-quality steel High-quality Powder Coating Finish.
The racks built from robust metal, ensure suitability for heavy duty.

Shelf Racking System

Space is a big problem faced many people. Proper usage of space and the need for maximize available floor space has become very essential. The shelf rack is flat horizontal plane which use in home, business, store, or elsewhere to hold items that displayed, stored, or exist for sale.

These shelving units raised off the ground usually supported on shorter length sides by brackets Shelf racks known as counter, mantel and similar to individual shelving units. A shelf rack can attach to wall or other vertical surface, and put in a corner or storage on floor. It can be part of a piece of furniture such as a cabinet, bookcase and so on. Usually two to six shelves make a unit, each shelf attached up and down to vertical or sloping chains and positioned parallel above other. The size of shelving units based upon space boundary of sittingand amount of load which will expected to hold.

Shelves are made of strong material like wood, steel or iron. Shelf racks hold lighter weight objects made of plastic, glass or wood. It consists of wood board resting on black, energizes steel or metals. Length and size of shelf to the wall differ depending on the material of the wall. Shelf racks makes suitable for all kinds of companies.

Advantages of Shelf Rack

Shelf racking system saves you a lot of valuable floor space. Shelf racks are quite durable.They are versatile and also rust free. Available in different sizes. They help to organize and store things in an efficient manner.

Up to 60% less spacethan conventional racking Automatic stock rotationFIFO load and retrieval method only requirestwo aisles High speed operation.

Features of Shelf Rack

Heavy duty construction for strength and rigidityDurableWeight capacity up to 4000 lbs distributed evenly over the entire unit5 particle
board shelves adjust every 1.5″ and have a durable black finish
Holds 800 lbs per shelf or 4000 lbs total