Light Gauge Steel Buildings

Five Sections Do It All

Different sizes and gauages of these five section can virtually design and build any size or configuration of building, from a small to large or a single to multi-storied.

Truss Framing

LIght Gauge Metal Trusses are characterized by its traingular and are most oten used in roof construction.

Wall Framing

Light-Gauge Metal Wall Frames are made with "C" and "U" with cross bracing strips at wall frame corners.

Wall / Roof Cladding Boards

Various kind of building boards / cladding sheets are used to clad the steel structures as per client requirements, such as: Fiber cements Board. Cement particle board. Magnesium oxide fire roof board. Gypsum fiber board. Trapezoidal Sheeting. Fiber cement board is environmental friendly, innovative light-weight cellulose fiber reinforced cement product that provides high quality full range application for ceiling, siding and flooring in complete system solution.

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