Reco Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy goes hand in hand with our values.

We work hard to ensure that every employee of the organization understands our customer's business &and product expectations from the product, &and works to enhance the customer experience. At Riaz-ud-din Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (RECO), we believe in creating a great product with a competitive price. More importantly, we strive to be friendly and open to customers so that they love doing business with us. Reco senior management directly gets involved in key projects to ensure trust and build long-lasting relationships.

Guided by the principle of Customer Centri city, Riaz-ud-din Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. (RECO) Building Systems has not only maintained high quality products and services but also demonstrated innovation in customer service. By continuing to follow our core values, we are on course to realize our vision to be the most successful and admired pre-engineered steel building company in the world.